Exclusive: Michael C. Hall Video Interview GAMER and DEXTER

     September 1, 2009

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If you watch “Dexter”, or used to watch “Six Feet Under”, you know who Michael C. Hall is. But for people without cable, Michael is an excellent actor that has now stared in two fantastic shows. However, no actor wants to be pigeonholed in one area, so he’s slowly making his way into movies…like Neveldine/Taylor’s new movie “Gamer”. In the film, Michael plays a reclusive billionaire who creates a game that has addicted millions. It’s sort of what he’s done to me with “Dexter”….

Anyway, at this year’s Comic-Con, I got to speak with Michael about not only “Gamer”, but what’s coming up this season on “Dexter”. We also talked about how he got into acting and a lot more. It’s a great interview so take a look:

Finally, here’s a link to some clips from “Gamer”and the synopsis:

Michael C. Hall

  • Has he been to Comic-Con before
  • Is he a fanboy? Does he buy anything at Comic-Con
  • What attracted him to Gamer
  • Working with Neveldine/Taylor
  • Did he always want to do movies and TV as he’s a classically trained actor
  • Dexter season 4 talk

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