Exclusive NEW LOW Sundance Movie Poster – Plus Check Out the Trailer

     January 20, 2010

New Low Sundance 2010.jpg

One of the many movies premiering at this year’s Sundance Film Festival is Adam Bowers New Low.  According to the one-liner:

A neurotic twentysomething struggles to figure out which girl he belongs with: the best or the worst one he’s ever known.

Looking at the trailer, New Low looks like an indie with promise. Also, it’s about the search for love and that’s something we all deal with.  Adam Bowers wrote, directed and stars in the film, so I’m sure he’s writing close to the vest and that always make for honest cinema.  Check out the trailer and our exclusive poster after the jump.

Here’s the full synopsis:

Who do we really belong with? Wendell is a neurotic twentysomething with no future. Vicky is a dirty, mean bartender who’s dating Wendell. Their relationship is based on a mutual lack of ambition and cleanliness, and the most refined thing they do together is go to art galleries for the free food. When Joanna, a nice, stable social worker, invites Wendell to a meeting with one of her many activist groups, suddenly Wendell feels like he might be capable of doing something worthwhile after all. He starts to date Joanna, who brings him into her alien world where people actually care about things. But is his newfound selflessness who he really is? A classic love triangle becomes much more, and Wendell has to decide not only who he belongs with, but what kind of person he is underneath all that neuroses.

Wendell – Adam Bowers
Vicky – Jayme Ratzer
Joanna – Valerie Jones
Dave – Toby Turner

New Low Sundance Movie Poster

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