Exclusive PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4 Update from Producer Jerry Bruckheimer

     November 4, 2009

Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides slice.jpg

Last week I went to Producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s office in Santa Monica to get an early look at the “Prince of Persia” trailer.  Perhaps you read what I wrote.  Anyway, after the presentation ended, I walked outside the screening room and Bruckheimer along with “Prince of Persia” creator Jordan Mechner were standing nearby talking. While not wanting to interrupt their conversation, when you have an opportunity to ask one of the biggest producers in Hollywood a question or two, you sometimes have to get aggressive. I walked over to say how much I liked the trailer and how I thought this might finally be the video game based movie that kicks ass.

But once the “Prince of Persia” talk ended, I decided to ask Mr. Bruckheimer what’s up with “Pirates of the Caribbean 4”. As you might have heard, a management shakeup recently happened at Disney and rumors have been flying that Johnny Depp might not do the film with former Chairman Dick Cook out of the picture. Since no one has been able to confirm or deny the rumor, with my limited time I decided to ask Mr. Bruckheimer three questions: I asked what’s up with the script, when are they going to shoot the film, and did the regime change cause any problems. He told me they’ve gotten the script, the management change will not affect the production, and he believes they’ll be filming next year. Of course things change along the way, but the way he spoke to me about the project, I believe the Black Pearl is going to be looking for the Fountain of Youth quite soon.

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