Exclusive: Producer John Landau talks AVATAR at Comic-Con

     July 29, 2009

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While talking to actors is always cool, if you want to find out any real information about a project you’ve got to speak with the director or the producer. After all, they’re the ones who make the big decisions. So when I got the opportunity to speak with “Avatar” producer John Landau at this year’s Comic-Con, I tried to find out as much information as I could about the film. Unfortunately, the man must have been trained by the NSA, as whenever I got close to finding out something like the running time, he just started to smile and said no comment.

But I might have stumbled on one new piece of info. As most of you know, the running time of “Watchmen” was dictated by IMAX technology. That’s because the IMAX projector literally couldn’t hold anymore film and that’s the reason director Zack Snyder had to lose almost 10 minutes before the film was released. So when I asked John Landau if “Avatar’s” running time would be the same as “Watchmen” as that’s all the projector can hold, he said it isn’t the same running time! Could it be that IMAX and James Cameron have found a way to make the projector hold more film!? Or perhaps he didn’t want to tell me the film is shorter than “Watchmen”. You can decide for yourself by watching the interview.

Producer John Landau

  • What was it like when Jim called him to first talk about doing Avatar
  • What has been the process as a producer to make a film for this long
  • With the stuff that was recently shot, was it stuff they already shot and they are redoing or is it all new stuff
  • When are we getting the trailer? Was it always the plan to use Comic-Con as the springboard?
  • Was it a debate over what scenes to show at Con
  • They’ve shown footage to theater owners around the world. What has been the reaction
  • Running time
  • What will be on the DVD/Blu-ray
  • How involved has he been in the video game – says every platform has a different story
  • I ask if they signed a 2 month deal to show Avatar in IMAX starting December 18th
  • He says both the IMAX version and the normal theatrical version will be the same length
  • Watch 5:30. I ask if new technology will allow Avatar to be longer than Watchmen was in IMAX
  • Says Avatar will be both film and digital IMAX
  • Says he has seen part of it in IMAX already and it’s phenomenal
  • Will they make a sequel

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