Exclusive: Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura talks G.I. JOE, Jack Ryan, Red and ASTEROIDS

     August 5, 2009

Lorenzo de Bonaventura G.I. Joe movie image.jpg

A few days ago I attended the New York City press junket for “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”. While there, I got to speak with some of the cast, director Stephen Sommers and producer Lorenzo de Bonaventura. While I’ve already spoken to Lorenzo a lot about “G.I. Joe” and “Transformers“, you can never go wrong asking a few more questions as he producers a lot of other movies.

So after the first few questions on “G.I. Joe” and “Giant Robots That Like to Punch Each Other in the Face”, I asked him about some of his upcoming projects and he told me the status on Jack Ryan, “Red”, and also why he wanted to make an “Asteroids” movie. Take a look after the jump:

Lorenzo de Bonaventura

  • I mention how much I liked the film
  • He talks about the challenges of brining G.I. Joe to the screen
  • What is it about Transformers and Joe that makes them so good as movies
  • Does he get calls from everyone who makes toys saying their product could be a good movie
  • I ask what he is developing right now. Says Jack Ryan, Red, and Asteroids.
  • Talks about why he wanted to do Asteroids and when Red might be filming

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