Exclusive: Producer Neal Moritz on Shane Black’s DOC SAVAGE, the Remake of TOTAL RECALL, and FLASH GORDON

     April 6, 2010

Exclusive Producer Neal Moritz on Shane Black DOC SAVAGE, the Remake of TOTAL RECALL, and FLASH GORDON.jpg

While some of you might have thought I was done with “Seven Days with Producer Neal Moritz,” trust me, I’m just getting warmed up.  Last week I posted what he said about R.I.P.D., Fast and the Furious 5/6 and his remake of Highlander, and tonight’s it’s an update on Shane Black’s Doc Savage, his remake of Total Recall, and what’s up with Flash Gordon.

The quick update is he’s waiting on scripts for all three projects but says he’s about to get Doc Savage and Total Recall.  He went on to say that Shane Black did some work on the Battle: Los Angeles script and while he’s tried to attach him to many projects, it was his love for Doc Savage that finally reeled him in.

And regarding the remake of Total Recall, Moritz said Kurt Wimmer is writing the script and it’s going to be closer to the Philip K. Dick story, We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, than a remake of the Schwarzenegger movie.  He also says they’re not going to Mars but I forgot to ask  if Quato is in the movie.  I hope he is.  Hit the jump for his exact quotes:

Finally, look for more with Neal Moritz tomorrow.

Collider: You also didn’t mention Flash Gordon.

Neal Moritz (2).jpgNeal Moritz: Flash Gordon I’m just waiting on a script.  I haven’t read the script yet. I’m about to read a script on that. I’m about to read a script on Doc Savage. I’m about to read a script on Total Recall. So these are all movies that I really want to make but I’ve got to read the scripts first.

I’m a monstrous Shane Black fan.

Moritz: We have been trying to get Shane to do a movie with us for quite a while and we kept talking to him about many different things. He actually came and did a little work for us on Battle: Los Angeles. We talked to him about Green Hornet. We talked to him about many things and then we came to him with Doc Savage, he’s like “that’s my favorite thing”. I have to do that. So he’s writing it now and with hopes to direct.

I believe that originally there was talk about someone else wrote Doc Savage and he was just going to direct it.

Moritz: No, no, no. He’s writing it with Chuck Mondry and Anthony Bagarozzi, who he’s written in the past before.

Assuming that script comes in, do you think that that…I mean is that like a “go” project if it…

total_recall_movie_image__5_.jpgMoritz: I think it’s a “go” project. I mean unfortunately I’m not the guy who has the final say if it’s a “go” project, but it’s something that fits all the needs of what Sony wants to have-big tentpole movies with a talented filmmaker who casts really wants to work with. And it feels like a movie if you do it right, you can have many of them.

You mentioned Total Recall. I love that film.

Moritz: Yeah, Kurt Wimmer wrote Salt…I don’t know what they’re calling because it’s a woman now but he’s writing the screenplay right now. Going back more to the book than to the movie.

I was going to ask you, what did you think of the Schwarzenegger version?

Moritz: I liked it a lot. I loved the idea. The wish fulfillment of being able to sit in a chair and become who you want to be. To me that was the thing that interested me the most about it. You know, in the last movie he goes to Mars and we’re not doing that. We’re not going to go to Mars.

There was a lot of action set pieces in the Schwarzenegger version. Do you see your version having those kind of action set pieces?

Moritz: Yes, but it’s going to be more real.

Is Breck Eisner still attached to Flash?

Moritz: Yes, yes he is.

Very involved?

Moritz: Yes, very involved. I really loved what he did with The Crazies as well. I thought it was a good movie.


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