Exclusive – Producer Richard D. Zanuck talks DARK SHADOWS

     December 3, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Just a few hours ago I attended the press day for the upcoming Jim Carrey comedy “Yes Man”. After sitting in on the press conferences, I managed to get a one on one with producers Richard D. Zanuck and David Heyman. In case you don’t know who David is…he’s produced all the “Harry Potter” movies. And if you don’t know who Richard D. Zanuck is…he’s as close to Hollywood royalty as anyone in the business as his dad was Darryl F. Zanuck and he started 20th Century Fox back in the 1930’s!

So, as I said, Hollywood royalty.

In the coming days I’ll have the entire video interview with these two great producers, but I wanted to post what Richard said about “Dark Shadows” immediately.

As most of you know, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton have been rumored to be making a film adaptation of the popular 1960’s show for awhile now. But with the way it is in Hollywood, you never know if a project is ever going to come together. Add to that, we’re talking about two of the biggest people in Hollywood and since they have their picks of the best scripts and projects; you never know what they’ll do next.

But according to Mr. Zanuck, “Dark Shadows” is going to be Tim’s next project after “Alice in Wonderland” and they’ll be shooting it next summer in London!

Here’s what he said. Look for the entire interview soon.

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