Exclusive: Producer Steve Tisch Video Interview SEVEN POUNDS

     December 9, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

It’s not too often I get to talk with a Billionaire. In fact, this was the first time. Also, as a huge NFL fan, this was my first time getting to talk with an owner, and I have to say it was very cool….even if his team beat my New England Patriots in last year’s Super Bowl.

But let me back up a second.

A few days ago I ran into Producer Steve Tisch (and The Chairman and Senior Vice President of the New York Giants) in an elevator as I was going to the press junket for “Seven Pounds”. After talking with him about the movie, I sheepishly asked if he wouldn’t mind sitting down for an interview, and after getting the green light from the PR folks at Sony, that’s exactly what we did.

And even though I wasn’t as prepared as I normally like to be, I think the interview came out great. That’s because I can talk football with anyone…and getting a chance to sit down with an owner to discuss the state of the NFL was a very cool experience.

So if you’re a movie fan or just a fan of football, I’m very confident you’ll enjoy this interview. In the first part we talked about how he got involved producing movies and what else his production company has coming up. And in the second and third parts, we talk about nothing but football and especially about his New York Giants.

As I always do, I’ve listed what we talked about above each part. And since he’s producing “Seven Pounds” and that’s why I got to speak with him….you can click here to watch some movie clips from the new Will Smith film.

In the coming weeks I’ll have an interview with Will Smith and Rosario Dawson….so look for those soon.

Steve Tisch

  • He talks about how he got involved with Will Smith and how great Will is when promoting a movie

  • He talks about how he first got involved producing movies – used to work for Peter Guber

  • Talks about Knowing and The Taking of Pelham 123 – he produced both of them

  • How involved is he in the marketing and picking the date it gets released

  • I ask him what else he’s also working on – says he’s in pre-production on a few movies

  • Since Seven Pounds is difficult to write about without giving major plot points away, I ask how he’d like me to explain the movie to all of you…

Steve Tisch Part 2 – Football

  • Football talk

  • Chairman and Senior Vice President of the New York Giants

  • He talks about what his responsibility is for the team – talks about what he does on a day to day basis

  • I ask about the new stadium and what can fans look forward to

  • I ask about the Plexico Bures situation and how does the team manage what’s best for the team after a situation like that

  • We talk about fantasy football and it’s importance to the NFL

  • We talk about the Draft and how involved he is in the decision making

Steve Tisch Part 3 – More Football Talk

  • I ask if he thinks it’s easier to have one loss rather than playing for a perfect season like the Patriots did last year

  • I ask if Tennessee being undefeated almost all year helped keep the Giants under the radar

  • What is his take on the possibility of an uncapped year

  • We talk about the possibility of the NFL expanding into Europe

  • 3D football talk – we discuss the game that aired last week in 3D

  • We talk about the Super Bowl being shown in a movie theater in 3D. Does he think that could happen

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