Exclusive: Robert Rodriguez talks PREDATORS and MACHETE at Comic-Con

     July 30, 2009

Robert Rodriguez - slice.jpg

While I have said many unflattering things about 20th Century Fox this past year due to their handling of certain fanboy properties, it looks like things might be changing at the studio. The reason…according to writer/director Robert Rodriguez, who I spoke with at Comic-Con, FOX is giving him total artistic freedom to make his “Predator” movie – which he’s calling “Predators”. According to the maverick filmmaker, FOX wants him to make a non-studio, studio movie. Meaning, they want him to make it outside the studio system and once the film is done, they’ll take over. He went on to tell me that FOX wants a “cool, bitchin’ movie”. As a fan of the first “Predator” movie and also of Robert Rodriguez, I cannot wait to see what he’s going to put together.

Check out what he said about “Predators”, Comic-Con, “Shorts” and “Machete” after the jump:

Robert Rodriguez

  • Is he able to walk around the convention floor and what does he like to buy
  • What footage is he showing the Comic-Con audience
  • Predators talk – I ask if he is going to make a kick-ass film
  • Says they are giving him artistic freedom on Predators
  • Machete talk – is Robert De Niro in the film or Jonah Hill

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