Exclusive: Sam Rockwell Video Interview IRON MAN 2 at Comic-Con

     August 3, 2009

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I am so happy I interviewed Sam Rockwell at this year’s Sundance for “Moon” and “The Wining Season“. It’s because of those two interviews (and a random meeting at the Park City Einstein’s Bagels) that Sam remembered who I was when I ran into him backstage at this year’s Comic-Con. So even though I wasn’t scheduled to talk with him about “Iron Man 2”, he asked his publicist to give me some time and that’s why you can watch an exclusive interview with this great actor.

During the interview we talked about the critical and commercial success of “Moon”, what was making “Iron Man 2” like, what can fans expect in the movie, and he reveals he still uses an acting coach to help him prepare for each role. If you’re a fan of this great actor, I promise you’ll love the interview! Take a look after the jump:

Finally, a BIG thank you to Sam Rockwell for giving me some of his time after a long day at Comic-Con.

Sam Rockwell

  • He talks about the critical reception to Moon
  • Did he know what he was getting into with Iron Man 2
  • Is it nice to know how many people are going to see Iron Man 2
  • Talks about how character and story are most important part of the film
  • Talks about the differences between the comic book version of his character and the movie version
  • Still has an acting coach. Talks about who he is and how long he’s been working with him
  • Talks about how he prepares for each movie role
  • Why his character has a lollipop in the movie
  • Did he go into any comic book stores since getting the part
  • Talks about the other projects he has coming up.
  • What is he most excited for Iron Man fans to see

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