Exclusive: Screenwriter Alex Tse talks ILLUSTRATED MAN and FRANKIE MACHINE

     February 19, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Yesterday I spoke with “Watchmen” screenwriters David Hayter and Alex Tse for about 20 minutes. Since the interview is huge and covers a lot of ground, I’ve decided to take out a few selected moments and post them right now, and I’ll post the entire interview sometime closer to the release date of “Watchmen”. Trust me, it’s a fantastic interview and really interesting…especially if you’re a “Watchmen” fan and curious what went on behind the scenes.

But let’s get to the reason you’re here.

While talking with Alex Tse yesterday, he gave me a few updates on “Illustrated Man” and “Frankie Machine” that I thought you’d like to hear about.

For fans of director Michael Mann, Alex says he’s working on “Frankie Machine” right now with Michael while he’s editing “Public Enemies”. When a director is working that hard on a script, it obviously means it’s a priority.

And for fans of Zack Snyder and “Illustrated Man”, Alex says it’s still unsure if Zack will be directing the entire movie or just one of the 6 parts. But Alex did say the movie is being offered to potential cast right now…which could mean this is on the fast track to getting made. He also told me 3 of the 6 stories that are going to be in the movie and they’re the Illustrated Man story (obviously), the Veldt, and the Concrete Mixer!

If you’re a fan of Ray Bradbury, this is very cool news. And for those who haven’t heard of “Illustrated Man”, here’s the Wikipedia link.

Again, look for the full interview soon.

Alex Tse

  • Illustrated Man and Frankie Machine updates
  • Says he’s finished his work on it for now and that they’re currently making offers to cast.
  • Still unsure if Zack is directing the entire thing or just a part of it
  • Explains what it is about
  • Frankie Machine talk – says he’s been working with Michael Mann as he’s been editing Public Enemies
  • Back to Illustrated Man – I ask how did he pick the 6 stories for this remake
  • Says they want to do Illustrated Man story, the Veldt, and he really wanted to put in the Concrete Mixer and they let him

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