Exclusive: Steve Zahn talks about David Simon’s New HBO Series TREME

     August 5, 2009

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If you’re a fan of David Simon (“Homicide”, “The Wire”, “Generation Kill”), you’re really going to enjoy the interview I did with Steve Zahn at the premiere of his new movie “A Perfect Getaway”. That’s because after talking about the film, he told me a ton of info about David’s new show which he’s a part of. The big info is the pilot is done and they start filming the first season this November! If you haven’t heard of the show yet, Steve says “Treme” is about the rebuilding of New Orleans right after Katrina through the eyes of the musicians. He says he play’s a DJ/musician named Davis that’s the voice of the jazz scene. He also talked about how badly he wanted to work for David Simon. Watch the full interview after the jump:

Steve Zahn

  • Are The Wonders really performing tonight
  • What was it about A Perfect Getaway that got him off the farm
  • Does he enjoy the promotional process
  • Talks about his new HBO series “Treme” by David Simon
  • Says they shot the pilot and they’re shooting the series this November
  • Was it easy to commit to the show

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