Exclusive: Tom Hiddleston Talks THE DEEP BLUE SEA, WAR HORSE, THE AVENGERS and THOR 2 at TIFF

     September 25, 2011

Tom Hiddleston WAR HORSE, THE AVENGERS, THOR 2 interview slice TIFF

At this year’s Toronto Film Festival, I was able to sit down with Tom Hiddleston for an exclusive interview about writer-director Terence Davies’ The Deep Blue Sea.  Starring Rachel Weisz, Simon Russell Beale and Hilldeston, the film is set in post-war Britain and it’s about the wife of a high court judge who walks out on her marriage and moves in with a young ex-RAF pilot (Hiddleston), with whom she has fallen passionately in love.  The film is an  adaptation of Terence Rattigan’s classic play.

During my extended interview with Hiddleston (who is great in Deep Blue Sea), we talked about how he got involved in The Deep Blue Sea, what kind of preparation he does and was it more involved than his other films because it’s based on a play, does he prefer a few takes or a lot, how faithful did they have to be to the script, and filming a nude scene.  In addition, we talked about Steven Spielberg’s War Horse, Thor 2, Joss Whedon’s Avengers, karaoke, video games, and has he ever thought about wearing the Loki costume off-set.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, Music Box has picked up the U.S. rights to The Deep Blue Sea, but they haven’t announced a release date.  However, if you’re in the UK, the film will be in theaters November 25th.  And one last thing, a huge thank you to Hiddleston for giving me so much time at TIFF.

Tom Hiddleston Thor_PremiereTom Hiddleston Time Index

  • :13 How have the last few weeks been on The Avengers? I asked this as I just spoke to him at D23.
  • :52 His reaction to the comic that was drawn based on his story about going to the movies with Chris Evans.  (Watch the D23 interview first and then hit this link to see it)
  • 2:25 What’s his go-to karaoke song? Tells a story about doing karaoke at a film festival in South Korea.
  • 3:45 Does he get freaked out with people filming him or taking pictures of him on the street?
  • 4:03 What’s the last video game he played?
  • 4:45 How did he get involved with The Deep Blue Sea? Did he go after it or did the producers seek him out?
  • 6:33 How much preparation did he do for the project? Was it more involved than other films because it’s based on a play? Talks about his approach to the character.
  • 9:25 Talks about filming the nude scene.
  • 11:35 How faithful did they have to be to the script? Was there room to change things up on set?
  • 12:44 Does he prefer to do a lot of takes or few takes when filming a scene? Talks about the many different ways a scene can be played.
  • 15:03 Talks about why he likes giving the editor/director many different options of a scene.
  • 15:55 Talks about War Horse and what it was like to work with Spielberg
  • 18:08 Talks about the significance of World War I and how Spielberg came to direct War Horse.
  • 19:47 Talks about having a new director on Thor 2 and when they’ll be shooting. He thinks filming begins in spring 2012.
  • 20:30 The direction of Thor 2. Says they’re interested in expanding Thor’s universe and taking things deeper into space.
  • 21:17 The Avengers. Talks about the all the set photos that have leaked.
  • 22:10 Has he ever thought about wearing the Loki costume off-set, walking into a Starbucks?


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