Exclusive Video Interview – The Cast of ‘Rocket Science’

     February 8, 2007

Today is a big day on Collider as this is the first of hopefully many video interviews that I will post on the site. While I had hoped to get this one up sooner, video editing took more time than I expected due to my POS computer (piece of shit).

But now that I have the template made for the Collider opening and the logo that will play during all the interviews, I should be able to get the other ones up soon (next week). I will have exclusive video interviews with Rainn Wilson, Timothy Hutton, Bob Shaye, Jake Paltrow and if I feel frisky – Christina Ricci on the red carpet of the Black Snake Moan party at Sundance. While Collider has been getting better and better, I really think this is a huge step for us and I’m happy we finally are crossing into video.

That said let’s talk about this interview with the cast of the film Rocket Science, which was a favorite of many at this years Sundance. The film’s director Jeffrey Blitz also won the dramatic directing award for the film.

As I wrote in my review, Rocket Science is about a kid in high school who doesn’t fit in. He stutters, has a kleptomaniac older brother, and their parents are about to separate. Nothing in his life is going well. Enter the first girl who has ever paid attention to him. She’s on the debate team and while he stutters, she thinks he would be a perfect fit as a new member of the club. Obviously the kid is interested and attempts with great difficultly to try and break his speech issues and impress the girl. Unfortunately nothing is as simple as wanting something to happen.

I actually met the cast the night before at one of the Sundance parties and we got to talk for an hour or two. As it happens, the next day I was walking to my interviews with the cast of New Line’s The Last Mimzy and I ran into them on the street. Figuring it couldn’t hurt, I asked them for a few minutes on camera to talk about the film and they were happy to do so. A big thank you again to the cast for taking the time to talk – Aaron Yoo, Nicholas D’Agosto, Anna Kendrick, and the star of the film, Reece Thompson.

While I’m sure I could have cut out some of the interview and made it a bit tighter, I’m still learning the best way to post video interviews.

Should they be shorter with less bullshit or do you all want the entire clip and you can fast forward or skip around as you see fit? Anyone who has an opinion should email me as I’m very curious….

That said, there are two ways to watch this interview.

For better quality you can click here to download or watch the QuickTime file.

The other way is to watch the YouTube version which is below.

What I hope to do is post all of my interviews on both Collider and on YouTube so I can try and raise awareness of the site. While a lot of you read the site everyday, many more have never heard the word Collider and I’m going to try and change that.

I hope you enjoy this interview, and make sure you watch to the end as it has a surprise appearance….

Finally…yes the beard is real. I get asked all the time.

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