Exclusive Video Interviews with some of the BLADE RUNNER Actors

     August 5, 2007

While at this year’s Comic-Con I was able to interview some of the actors from one of the best science fiction films ever made, “Blade Runner.” As most of you already know, there will be a special 5-disc DVD box set arriving in December and it’s a dream come true for “Blade Runner” fans around the world. The set will have everything – from all the various cuts of the movie to around 50 minutes of deleted scenes. If you’re a fan of the movie, you will not believe what’s coming!

The other day I posted video interviews with director Ridley Scott and the producer of the DVD, Charles de Lauzirika. So just click on their names if you missed them.

But now for the reason you’re here. Posted below are video interviews with some of the actors from the movie, and if you’re a fan of the film, I think you’ll enjoy hearing what they have to say about the iconic movie.

James Hong

A very interested interview.

We do some Comic-Con talk, he works in a lot of Blade Runner jokes, Balls of Fury talk, and he talks about what he’s done recently (he’s made a documentary about his life). He also talks about working with John Wayne and others.

Joe Turkel

I ask what it’s like to come to Comic-Con for a film that’s 25 years old.

He talks about working for Stanley Kubrick and Paths of Glory and The Shining

He talks about working on Blade Runner and if he knew it would be a classic when he was making it.

I ask what he took away from working with Kubrick.

Joanna Cassidy

She talks about Comic-Con, filming the new scene for the special edition DVD, and if she had a problem with the original version.

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