Exclusive Video Interviews with the cast of THE COMEBACKS

     October 17, 2007

Opening up this Friday is the new Fox Atomic movie “The Comebacks.” The movie is a spoof of all the feel good sports movies like “Invincible,” “Blue Crush,” “Field of Dreams,” “Stick It” and countless others.

But for me, the real highlight is that it’s the first film that features David Koechner as the lead. While you may not know David’s name, you definitely know his work. He’s been in countless films and he always has a funny line or character. Recently you may have seen him in “The 40 Year Old Virgin” as one of the dad’s in the health clinic, he was Champ Kind in “Anchorman,” or maybe you saw him on NBC’s “The Office” as Todd Packer. Although I’m just naming a few roles, he’s been in a ton of other movies.

Anyway, I was able to interview a lot of the cast of the film and the interviews are below. The only negative is that the cast was all paired together. So while I would have loved to interview all of them separately, as all have a lot of upcoming projects…I had to make do with what I could get. So as you watch the interviews you’ll see I tried to mix in my questions about this project and what they have coming up.

And before getting to the video interviews, if you missed the movie clips I previously posted you can watch them here.

Again, “The Comebacks” opens this Friday at theaters everywhere.

David Koechner and Carl Weathers

  • David talks about his arm injury.

  • Were they fans of each other before the shoot?

  • The improv on the set.

  • They talk about the characters they play in The Comebacks.

  • I ask Carl if he has a character that he always gets recognized for.

  • I then ask David since he’s in a lot of upcoming movies…what is he most excited about?

Melora Hardin, Brooke Nevin, and Matthew Lawrence

  • What was the making the film like?

  • They talk about the improv process.

  • I then ask all of them about their individual projects

  • Matthew talks about “Hunter’s Moon” and “Trucker.”

  • Melora talks about “The Office” and the film that she directed called “You.”

  • Brooke talks about “Infestation” and “Sherman’s Way.”

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