See How Much of EXODUS Was Made with Practical Effects in Exclusive Video Slider

     March 3, 2015


Filmmaker Ridley Scott has certainly been one to push the boundaries in the effects world, but he’s also maintained a focus on practical effects as CG and performance-capture have become more and more prevalent. This is evident in the set design of recent films like Prometheus and Exodus: Gods and Kings, and in the case of the latter, we have a really cool video slider to debut today that reveals just how much of Exodus was made using practical effects.

This Exodus video slider allows you to toggle back and forth between watching the hail plague sequence in the film on the left, and the raw footage that was captured on set on the right. You’ll see that Joel Edgerton and a few of Scott’s actors were pummeled with realistic-looking hail balls, and the integration of the practical effects with the visual effects worked seamlessly for me, as I simply assumed all the hail was created digitally.

Check out the video slider below. Exodus: Gods and Kings is now available on Digital HD.

Here’s what Fox sent over about the video slider:

To promote the Home Entertainment release of Exodus: Gods and Kings, we created a digital experience giving a sneak peak into the special features on the Blu-ray release, showcasing the epic story and immense scale of the film’s production. Go behind-the-scenes on the Exodus: Gods and Kings website and explore interactive videos, interviews, and concept art that reveal how Ridley Scott re-created ancient Egypt like never before.  In addition to the videos and commentary, immerse yourself in an interactive view of what a scene looks like before and after visual effects are added.  Split into the five major story points of Brother vs. Brother, Battle of Kadesh, Destiny, The Plagues, and Exodus, follow Moses and Ramses on their epic journey through this classic biblical tale.


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