Antonio Banderas and Wesley Snipes Reveal EXPENDABLES 3 Character Details; Banderas Talks AUTOMATA

     August 4, 2014


While revving up for the August 15th debut of The Expendables 3, Wesley Snipes and Antonio Banderas took to Reddit to field some fan questions.  The duo covered quite a bit of submissions, but we’ve got two highlights worth noting – Snipes and Banderas’ descriptions of their Expendables 3 characters and some information on Banderas’ upcoming sci-fi thriller, Autómata.

Based on what we’ve seen in previous films and from the third installment’s promos thus far, we’ve got a solid sense of what The Expendables 3 is all about – watching iconic action heroes kick some you-know-what (surprise, surprise) – however, we don’t know much about who these guys are playing and what the characters are all about.  Hit the jump to learn a little more about Snipes’ Dr. Death and Banderas’ Galgo.

the-expendables-3-castWhen one participant asked for a description of their characters, Snipes jumped in and replied first:

“My character is Dr. Death, and he is a very philosophical individual. Well, you know, he’s been away for a while, things happen, you know? He grows into understanding things about himself he didn’t understand before! He’s a medic, he’s a doctor. He’s a medic that used to be one of the original team members, he’s a renegade, he’s very handsome, and he’s one of the best characters in the show. He’s from Sweden. The southern part.”

Soon thereafter, Banderas added a little something himself:

“My character is a guy who is holding a pain inside from something that happened to him in his past, a soldier, but covers this up with compulsive way to behave, you know? He’s a compulsive talker, he cannot stop talking. He is very fun, but at the end you can see the funny ways he has, they are like a shield to protect him against his own misfortune in some other time. That’s basically what the character is all about. A very lonely guy, very solitary, he could be sad if I performed him in another way, but I tried to bring a lot of light and fun.”

Banderas also got the chance to talk about his upcoming film Autómata in which he plays an insurance agent at a robotics corporation who uncovers a robot scheme to take over the world.  Banderas offered up this additional information on the film and also noted that it’ll screen at the San Sebastian Film Festival in September:

Automata is, you know, my baby. And why I say that is because I produced the movie, besides being also the star of it. It’s actually an approach to science fiction in a very european way, in an independent way, it’s a movie about concept that is philosophical, scientific concept called singularity, which is the time in which machines actually overcome the human mind. So it’s a very reflective philosophical science fiction, going back to the science fiction I love, like Isaac Asimov. That’s the type of movie we tried to do. It will be presented at San Sebastian Film Festival in competition.”

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