‘F Is for Family’ Season 4 Trailer Promises Cocaine, Broken Teeth and Frodo Baggins

     May 28, 2020


I don’t watch a ton of animated TV shows, so I’m hardly qualified to make this statement, but Bill Burr‘s Netflix series F Is for Family is the best animated show on TV. The streamer just released the Season 4 trailer, and while the dysfunction hasn’t changed, a new wrinkle has been introduced in the form of Frank’s estranged father.

Burr created F is for Family with Emmy winner Michael Price, and the show takes place in the ’70s, when political correctness was something to laugh in, and smoking was still allowed indoors. Apparently, you could also berate your kids until they either stood up for themselves and attacked you, or ran away crying.


The fourth season finds Sue pregnant and seeking New Age-style support, Bill playing hockey like “a natural,” and neighbor Vic helping Kevin’s band get its shit together. Oh, and Kevin likes a girl who gives him a copy of The Lord of the Rings because his band’s name is Shire of Frodo, not that he necessarily knew Frodo was a character in a book.

While the show is very funny, the thing that makes F Is for Family special is that it has a heart. Frank may curse every day he wakes up, but at the end of the day, he still loves them. I may have seen a handful of new episodes, and while things certainly start out contentious between Frank and his old man, i have a feeling they’ll patch things up before the end of the season. Or… maybe not! No one knows how to carry resentment quite like Frank.

You know how I know that F Is for Family is good? The main voice cast has two Oscar winners now between Laura Dern and Sam Rockwell, and three when you count Allison Janney‘s guest gig, so respect must be paid. Burr is hilarious, and soon to be seen in Judd Apatow‘s new film The King of Staten Island, while Justin Long, Debi Derryberry and Haley Reinhart all do a great job, too — though I’ll confess to having a soft spot for David Koechner’s Pogo.

Season 4 of F Is for Family will debut June 12 on Netflix, so come and get your love, add it to your queue, and watch the trailer below. If nothing else, the Murphy family foibles will make you feel better about your own lives stuck in quarantine. Don’t wanna take my word for it? Click here to check out our original review from back in 2015.