First ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Image Reveals Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon Blazing

     July 20, 2017


Our first look at the highly anticipated new adaptation of the classic Ray Bradbury novel Fahrenheit 451 has arrived, and it’s blazing hot. While Francois Truffaut previously adapted the material into a film (to mixed results) in 1966, a modern adaptation has been in the works for over a decade. At one point Mel Gibson was trying to bring the story to the screen, but it’s now actually happening at HBO with a somewhat uncharacteristically star-studded iteration.

Michael B. Jordan stars as Montag, a young fireman who forsakes his world, battles his mentor, and struggles to regain his humanity in a dystopian future where history is outlawed and “firemen” burn books. Michael Shannon co-stars as Beatty, Montag’s mentor, and both are seen here in this excellent debut image revealed by Jordan on Instagram.

Ramin Bahrani, the director behind the terrific drama 99 Homes, is directing this new adaptation and co-wrote the screenplay with Amir Naderi. Bradbury’s book endures today as a harrowing work of science-fiction, and one can’t help but think it has an added sense of relevance in our current climate.

Check out the first Fahrenheit 451 image below. The film will debut on HBO either late this year or sometime in 2018. The cast also includes Sofia BoutellaLilly Singh, and Laura Harrier.