The 24 Most Anticipated New Shows Coming This Fall

     September 17, 2020

While the question of what shows can even safely go into production right now remains a question mark for the foreseeable future, one thing we can say for sure about this fall is that there will be, at least, some new shows to look forward to. While most broadcast offerings are on hold, there are plenty of shiny new series set to come out before the end of the year, thanks to cable and streaming platforms, with premieres rolling out after the Emmys this Sunday.

To be clear, the shows on this list are shows that have scheduled airdates or we’re otherwise 99 percent sure will actually premiere before the end of 2020 — yes, we’re incredibly excited about whatever WandaVision might turn out to be, but it’ll take more than a Disney+ sizzle reel to make us believe it’s happening.

Check out the list below, and also check out what we think are the Best Shows of 2020 so far. Because there’s a whole lot of television, it’s a very long list! As is (if you need something to watch now) the best original Netflix series of all time.