‘Fall Guys’ New “Sneaky Update” Addresses Player Feedback

     August 20, 2020


Fall Guys has had a pretty good run of things since going live just about two weeks ago. The online multiplayer party brawler is still free on PlayStation Plus for a little while yet, already got its first patch to address rampant game-breaking cheating on PC, crossed a million followers on Twitter (thanks largely to its pitch-perfect social media team behind the scenes), added its first new level, and even promised to roll out new costumes, levels, and features in the weeks and months ahead.

But there’s still work to be done. Not all Fall Guys levels are created equally, Xbox players can’t yet get in on the fun, and there are still bugs in the system that allow cheaters to prosper. The good news is that the Mediatonic devs are listening to player feedback and making adjustments as time and resources allow. And today brought one such “sneaky update” with some minor tweaks that should improve quality of life.


Image via Mediatonic

Some of the changes are purely and literally cosmetic while others are just slight tweaks to existing games and levels, like changing the max amount of players allowed in a final round or limiting the timer on countdown levels. One particular change that I adore is the removal of back-to-back team games, so thank you for that one. However, the fact that Yellow Team still exists is just unacceptable. Kidding, of course, but the feedback from colorblind players requesting an accessibility option to help distinguish one team from another is one that should absolutely be a priority.

Here’s a look at the latest update to Fall Guys:

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