FALLING SKIES Drew Roy, Sarah Carter and Connor Jessup Talk About the Third Season of the Show and Wearing Those Uncomfortable Harnesses

     July 28, 2012


TNT’s hit sci-fi drama, Falling Skies, landed at Comic-Con and the stars were kind enough to sit down for a round table interview.  Drew Roy (Hal), Sarah Carter (Margaret) and Connor Jessup (Ben) talked about the second and upcoming third seasons of the show, gave some insights into their characters and commented on why they think audiences have latched on.  Make sure to take a look at all of our previous Comic-Con coverage here, especially the interviews with other Falling Skies cast members.  Hit the jump to see what Roy, Carter and Jessup had to say.

falling-skies-connor-jessup-drew-royHow do you all feel about the news of the third season pickup?

Connor Jessup:  We can all say we’re happy about the news!

Sarah Carter: We love the show, and the way we shoot is short seasons, so ten episodes per season, and long hours, night shoots, all exteriors, in the cold and rain…

Jessup: You make it sound fun!

Drew Roy: We do have a good time!  We are shooting guns and riding motorcycles.

Carter: Where else are you going to have a life experience like that?

Why do you think Falling Skies resonates so much with viewers?

Roy: I like to think that we’re telling this story about this group of survivors and sprinkled on top are these aliens in this post apocalyptic world.  So it’s something that you can really relate to and you don’t have to be an extreme sci-fi fan to connect with it, but you can be a girl in high school and connect with some of the love stories, you can be a grown man and like the military side of it.  There is a little something for everyone that makes it very easy for a family to watch.

Jessup: That’s what I thought.  We use sci-fi as kind of a backdrop for the rest of the show, which is very much a drama and because of that it appeals to a much wider audience.

falling-skies-drew-royConnor, you’ve portrayed being harnessed on the show. How does that make your experience with the Skitters and harness different than the other characters and actors?

Jessup: The harness was, thankfully, not worn this year, but I got the spikes.  The harness was uncomfortable. Last year I wore the harness for half a season and he (pointing at Roy) wore it for one episode and was complaining.

Roy: Ha! They did not put mine on right! Something was wrong!

Jessup: When I was actually wearing the harness it was August in Canada and it was boiling hot.

falling-skies-castRoy: It was bleeding into his skin at one point!

Carter: Connor was an absolute rock star. We’re all complaining about the cold and he’s in a T-shirt.  We’re in long underwear under layers and he’s got his T-shirt and his harness on for hours and never complains.

Roy: Not to mention he went for a swim.

Jessup: This season I had the light up spikes and there was wiring going down my body and they’d leave it on for too long, shooting like six hour days, and it would start to just melt into your skin. After a few bad attempts, they had to be more careful.