FALLING SKIES Cast and Creator Tease Season 3 at the EW CapeTown Film Fest

     May 5, 2013

falling skies noah wyle

As part of Entertainment Weekly’s ongoing CapeTown Film Fest last night, some lucky fans got to see a special screening of the Falling Skies season 3 premiere.  From the first hour, it looks like the series is kicking off what some could see as a whole new direction.  Once the episode was over, cast members Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Drew Roy and Maxim Knight joined showrunner Remi Aubuchon for a special Q&A. In the Q&A the cast and showrunner gave teasers about what fans can expect from the show in season 3.  Hit the jump to find out what we learned.

noah wyle falling skiesIn the season premiere, seven months have passed since the season 2 cliffhanger and saying that a lot has changed since then is probably a massive understatement. Aubuchon said that the premiere will be an important episode in season 3 as every theme that will be in the new season is touched on in the first hour.

One of the biggest changes is Tom, who has taken on an entirely new level of leadership. Wyle described the direction of the show as a “big gamble” with such a large passage of time and so many of the changes that have occurred for a lot of the characters. Aubuchon also said that Tom’s new leadership role will continue to be one of the most important themes of the season as Tom struggles with his decisions and constantly questions whether or not he’s made the right one.

falling skies noah wyle moon bloodgoodWith so much time having passed, it’s no spoiler to say that Tom and Anne’s baby arrives during the premiere. The birth of the baby is a beautiful moment but after that, things start to change with the new arrival. Bloodgood said that the issues with the baby will continue throughout the season and cause many types of problems for her. Bloodgood did reveal that the issues with the baby are alien-related but wouldn’t go into much detail beyond that except to say that Anne will feel isolated as she deals with them. Bloodgood also revealed that the birth scene was a sweet moment for her to film, but – being seven months pregnant at the time – she was careful to “just push through my face.”

Hal and Margaret’s relationship will be in a new place this season and we will find out pretty quick just what affect Karen’s poisonous kiss had on Hal. In fact, Hal may be one of the most changed characters of all and Roy commented that playing what Hal is growing through has been fun and allowed him to change things up and show different sides of the character. When asked about any possible love triangle between Hal, Margaret and Karen, Roy said, “It seems like there’s always a love triangle. That’s part of the fun.”

falling skies season 3Another new thing about season 3 will be the addition of a new cast member. In the season 2 cliffhanger, the group met a new alien, who is played by Doug Jones. Jones is known for roles such as Abe Sapien and the Angel of Death in the Hellboy movies and the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Wyle spoke about working with Jones, saying that it was amazing working with him as Jones has the ability to communicate volumes with just a simple gesture or a shift of his weight.

Falling Skies season 3 premieres Sunday, June 9th at 9PM on TNT.