FALLING SKIES Season 4 Trailer Introduces the Mysterious Woman in Red

     April 21, 2014


When last we left our heroes in the Fightin’ Second Mass, they were celebrating a hard-fought victory, but found themselves caught between the powerful alien forces of the Espheni and the Volm.  As the new Falling Skies trailer shows, the fighting has reached a fever pitch, and our warriors are about at their wits’ end.  Add in a mysterious woman in red and the continuing strangeness surrounding Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) and Anne Glass’s (Moon Bloodgood) daughter Alexis, and it’s no surprise that everybody’s on edge.  Be sure to check out our WonderCon coverage for much more on the show.

Also starring Doug Jones, Maxim Knight, Drew Roy, Will Patton, and Colin Cunningham, season four of Falling Skies premieres on TNT on Sunday, June 22 at 10/9c.  Hit the jump to watch the Falling Skies trailer and for more on the upcoming season.

Watch the Falling Skies trailer below, followed by more on the upcoming season from Jones and Bloodgood (via TV Guide):

In addition to the surprising reveal of the mysterious woman in red’s true nature, you might have noticed that friendly neighborhood Volm (Jones) is still hanging around with the Second Mass.  Though, according to Jones, it doesn’t seem as if his character is helping to assuage fears at all.  “Everyone goes a little crazy this year,” he said recently, referring to the character arcs in season four.  You might have also noticed that, in addition to Weaver, Pope, and Tom Mason himself starting to feel the pressure of continuing to fight in the rebellion, Moonblood gets to turn up the action with her Dr. Glass character this season, too.  “I get to be this warrior and get enraged and kill, and that’s more fun to play,” she said.  We’ll get to see what other changes are coming when Falling Skies returns June 22nd.