Seth MacFarlane Delivers a Delightful ‘Family Guy’ Coronavirus PSA via Stewie and Brian

     March 26, 2020


Seth MacFarlane may not be churning out top-tier animation while he’s at home during the coronavirus quarantine, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost a step in the comedy department. The Family Guy creator whipped up a fun, relatable PSA for the folks at home while, presumably, in the comfort of his own home himself. See? Animation production doesn’t necessarily stop just because the rest of the world does, it just takes on a different form.

Now, to be fair, MacFarlane didn’t crank out a fully animated at-home version of Family Guy all on his own. The roughly 5-minute PSA is just a couple of drawings of fan-favorite characters Stewie and Brian, who opted to put on a podcast to stave off boredom during these uncertain times. But it does feature MacFarlane’s signature comedy style, complete with pop culture references, potshots at celebrities and politicians alike, and the usual frenemy friction between the duo. (MacFarlane voices Stewie and Brian, as well as a couple of other characters who might just pop up during this short short.) What’s a bit different this time around, however, is that Stewie and Brian actually offer up some worthwhile advice for listeners out there, something that the sarcastic and off-kilter Family Guy rarely does.

Take a listen to MacFarlane’s coronavirus PSA below (fair warning as there’s a bit of coarse language near the end):