New ‘Family Guy’ Episode Has Reboot Plot Inspired by Disney-Fox Merger

     October 16, 2019


Never one to miss an opportunity for a good joke, Family Guy has chosen to focus its next episode on the Disney-Fox merger, which was made official earlier this year. Family Guy has been a Fox staple since it debuted on the network in 1999. Given the show’s love of big bits and meta-commentary, it may not come as too much of a surprise the next episode in the show’s 18th season is going the route — but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited.


Image via Fox

Per an exclusive preview from Entertainment Weekly, the upcoming Family Guy episode titled “Disney’s The Reboot” will poke fun at how the Disney-Fox merger has affected the show. To do that, “the network overlords, now under Disney rule, decree that Family Guy could use a freshening-up for today’s times and commission three new reboots of Fox’s long-running animated series,” as EW reports.

Family Guy executive producer Rich Appel even teased the three Disney-fied reboot plots that will figure into the episode.


Image via Fox

“One of them is Family Gal — it’s Lois-centric, very timely and pandering. Another is our version of something like Riverdale or a teen-angst drama, called The Q. And the final one is After Family Guy, which, as we explain, is starring the only actors who didn’t go on to bigger movie careers. The premise is Chris is now married to Tricia Takanawa, and they’re raising Joe.”

Things will apparently reach a boiling point, as executive producer Alec Sulkin teased to EW, with the Griffins sitting in on the Fox focus group pitching these reboot ideas and Peter Griffin eventually reacting wildly: “Peter storms in angry at the focus group and they say, ‘I don’t get who Family Guy is for.’ And he says, ‘It’s easy! You just have to be a teenager, but born in the ’80s.'” Classic Peter.

While the episode isn’t meant to actively poo-poo Fox’s new parent company, Sulkin does acknowledge the show has a desire to potentially incorporate Disney characters into the show. As such, Sulkin says that with “Disney’s The Reboot” the team is “just trying to test the waters in terms of what we can and can’t do.” Well, color me very curious to see how it all turns out.

Family Guy‘s Season 18 episode “Disney’s The Reboot” airs on Fox on Sunday, October 20.