Fantastic Featurette For THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX

     September 1, 2009

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Apple has released a behind the scenes featurette for Wes Anderson’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and if you didn’t already think that this film looks fantastic (pun intended) then this will hopefully change your mind.  It’s a worth a watch just to see how a film like this gets made once it’s put through the Wes Anderson filter.  Just watch it so that you can see how Wes decided to record the voices. You can check the video out when you hit the jump.
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I unabashedly love and adore Wes Anderson’s work.  I know that he’s gone from being a film geek favorite to being the cool thing to hate on in film geek circles.  The main complaint that people seem to have with him is that they feel that they already know what he’s going to do before he does it and that it has gotten old quick.  I can see and understand that but I think that auteurs who wear their style on their sleeve will always get this complaint and, yes, I do think that Wes Anderson is the definition of an auteur.  I know that his “style” annoys some people but I dig it and I especially love his extremely dry humor.

Having said all that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I think that “Fantastic Mr. Fox” looks pretty amazing.  The trailer really seemed to divide a lot of people but I belong to the group that liked what he saw.  I like how the animation isn’t too smooth and how you can almost feel the feltish material on screen. I think that Anderson knows exactly what he’s doing and that he is trying to go for a throwback Rankin/Bass (“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”) retro feel   I also think that it’s pretty awesome that we might be getting 3 (hopefully) amazing kid films in the near future with “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, “Where the Wild Things Are”, and Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” next year.

“Fantastic Mr. Fox” hits theaters on November 13th.

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