First Wave of Fantastic Fest 2012 Line-Up Announced; Includes DREDD, ROOM 237, and THE SHINING

     July 30, 2012


I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able to attend Fantastic Fest this year, because it’s one of the most exciting film festivals around.  We previously reported that this year’s opening night flick would be the stop-motion animated adaptation of Frankenweenie, and now the full line-up is starting to be announced.  Fantastic Fest usually announces its line-up in waves, and wave one has already got some big highlights for genre fans.  There’s the hard R-rated Dredd, Quentin Dupieux‘s hilariously bizarre Wrong, and the excellent documentary Room 237, which is about The Shining.  Oh, and they’ll also be showing The Shining (a movie that doesn’t need a prequel).  Room 237 and The Shining would be a kick-ass double-feature, and I hope those movies will be played together (although I’m not sure which one I would choose to go first; probably Room 237 since it would cause the audience to start combing through the screening of The Shining).

Hit the jump for the first wave of announcements.  Fantastic Fest 2012 runs from September 20 – 27th.

dredd-3d-movie-posterVia Fantastic Fest’s official website.

US Premiere
Director – Matthias Hoene, 87min

When a badly planned bank robbery and a zombie outbreak collide, hilarity ensues in this balls-out, irreverent British comedy.

US Premiere
Director – Noboru Iguchi, 91min

Japanese splatter action comedy is on the menu when director Noboru Iguchi & karate girl Rina Takeda join forces to take on flying killer sushi monsters in DEAD SUSHI!

DREDD 3D (2012)
Gala Premiere
Director: Pete Travis, USA, 98 minutes

The future America is an irradiated waste land. The only force of order lies with the urban cops called “Judges” who possess the combined powers of judge, jury and instant executioner.  Known and feared throughout the city, Dredd (Karl Urban) is the ultimate Judge, challenged with ridding the city of its latest scourge

Repertory Screening as part of the House of Psychotic Women series
Director – Sidney J. Furie, 125min

In this controversial film based on a true story, director Furie explores the domestically-abused-woman-as-masochist stereotype by veiling it as a supernatural horror film.

US Premiere
Director – Eron Sheean, 101min

Plagued by the memory of the infant son he could not save, geneticist Geoff Burton plunges into a web of intrigue, jealousy and lies in this icily precise thriller.

room-237-movie-posterEVERYBODY IN OUR FAMILY (2011)
US Premiere
Director – Radu Jude, 107min

A simple domestic dispute becomes an explosive examination of stress in this powerful and unsettling Romanian drama.

Regional Premiere
Director – Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson, 91min

A group of exceptionally creative teens gets sucked into their own private Lord of the Flies scenario when an after-school game of “war” turns into a test of loyalty, strategy and friendship.

Texas Premiere
Director – Yeun Sang-Ho, 97min

THE KING OF PIGS is an emotionally punishing animated indie film about a group of friends whose brutal childhoods continue to haunt them as adults.

US Premiere
Director – Valentín Javier Diment, 89min

Alicia undertakes a bizarre cult ritual to restore her deceased husband to life – a ritual that will see her home and friends visited by the spirits of the dead.

the-mafu-cage-posterTHE MAFU CAGE (1978)
Repertory Screening as part of the House of Psychotic Women series
Director – Karen Arthur, 102min

One of the most compelling and uniquely dark films of the psychotic woman subgenre, Karen Arthur’s adaptation of Eric Westphal’s play You and Your Clouds stars Lee Grant as Ellen, an astronomer who lives with her feral sister Cissy (Carol Kane).

Texas Premiere
Director – Philippe Lefebvre, 100min

Philippe Lefebvre’s PARIS BY NIGHT is a sleek French cop thriller that follows a pair of vice cops as they patrol the Parisian club scene over the course of a single evening.

ROOM 237 (2012)
Texas Premiere
Director – Rodney Ascher, 102min

Rodney Ascher’s ROOM 237 is a fascinating documentary that explores bizarre theories about the subtext and symbolism underlying Stanley Kubrick’s landmark film THE SHINING.

Repertory Screening as part of the House of Psychotic Women series
Director – Joseph Losey, 105min

In Losey’s underrated SECRET CEREMONY, an aging but still glamorous Elizabeth Taylor stars as Leonora, a prostitute grieving over the death of her daughter in a drowning accident.

the shining prequel posterTHE SHINING (1980)
Repertory Screening
Director – Stanley Kubrick, 142min

Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece features an unhinged performance by Jack Nicholson and a setting that drips with menace.  Its imagery and characters have permeated all areas of pop culture throughout the decades, yet the film retains all its power to disturb and terrify.

US Premiere
Directors – James Nunn and Ronnie Thompson, 87min

The last remaining tenants of a deteriorating, soon-to-be-demolished tower block must band together to survive when a killer with a high-powered sniper rifle starts picking them off through the windows of their flats.

UNIT 7 (Grupo 7) (2012)
Texas Premiere
Director – Alberto Rodriguez, 95min

Alberto Rodriguez’s UNIT 7 is gritty realistic thriller about a crew of narcotics officers in Seville, Spain who go rogue during a citywide crackdown in the years preceding Expo ’92.

WRONG (2011)
Regional Premiere
Director – Quentin Dupieux, 94min

Everyman Dolph Springer’s (Jack Plotnick) world is turned wrong when he awakens at 7:60 one morning to find his beloved dog missing in Quentin’s Dupieux’s latest absurdist opus and follow up to 2010’s killer tire film, RUBBER.

US Premiere
Director – Oh Young Doo, 95min

The director of INVASION OF ALIEN BIKINI returns with a quirky, low budget time travel romp filled with sex shops, robot hands and Hawaiian shirts.

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