Adrien Brody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers Rumored for Mr. Fantastic in FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot

     August 22, 2010


No one debates that the Fantastic Four movies need a reboot.  Spider-Man may not, but Sue Storm and Mr. Fantastic did.  With X-Men: First Class approaching its start date, Fox’s next Marvel film will be a new Fantastic Four movie.  We’ve previously reported that The Thing is going to be entirely CGI.  Now ScreenRant reports on a pair of interesting names being thrown around for the role of Mr. Fantastic: Oscar-winner Adrien Brody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Both actors have recently taken part in more action-oriented roles — Brody with the recent release of Predators, and Meyers with the flop From Paris With Love.  Both would be logical choices for the elastic genius Mr. Fantastic, and someone was going to offer one of them a superhero role eventually anyways.  After the last efforts on this franchise, it’s good to see the movie taken in a more serious direction.  With either of these actors, it’ll have to.  In other news, the reboot of the new Fantastic Four movie was allegedly dubbed “Fantastic Four Reborn”; this title has reportedly been stricken from the record.  Although any official title hasn’t been released, hopefully they go with one less tacky.

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