David S. Goyer Boards James Cameron’s FANTASTIC VOYAGE Remake

     May 1, 2014


20th Century Fox is breathing new life into its long-developing remake of Fantastic Voyage.  An update of the 1966 sci-fi film of the same name has been in the works for years with producer James Cameron, and most recently Shawn Levy was onboard as director and moving towards production.  That iteration of the project never came to fruition, and though various drafts of the screenplay have been written, Fantastic Voyage has been dormant for the last couple of years.  But all of that is now changing, as Fox is intent on fast-tracking the project by enlisting Man of Steel architect David S. Goyer to pen a new treatment.  Read on after the jump.

fantastic-voyage-posterPer Heat Vision, Goyer has been enlisted to executive produce and write a new treatment for Fantastic Voyage for producer James Cameron and Fox.  It doesn’t appear as though Goyer will be writing the full screenplay—he’s juggling a number of different projects at the moment—but instead it looks like Fox and Cameron have tapped him to shape the new take on the sci-fi classic, which they will likely hand off to another screenwriter.  For those unfamiliar with the property, the story involves a group of scientists who shrink themselves in order to enter a colleague’s body and save him from a blood clot.

Cameron has been high on Fantastic Voyage for years, and when Levy was attached to direct, the pic was envisioned as an adventurous 3D tentpole.  Fox is hoping that Goyer’s re-engineering of the property will kickstart the event-sized film, as Fantastic Voyage is now on the fast track for the studio.

In addition to Man of Steel, Goyer penned the initial draft of Warner Bros.’ upcoming Man of Steel follow-up and also wrote the treatment for an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, which is being developed as a directorial vehicle for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  In addition to all of this, Goyer also acts as showrunner on the Starz series Da Vinci’s Demons and co-wrote the pilot for NBC’s Constantine.

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