BOURNE Director Paul Greengrass Won’t Take a FANTASTIC VOYAGE, But May Visit TREASURE ISLAND

     May 19, 2010


Apparently the talk that Bourne Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass was ready to board James Cameron’s production of Fantastic Voyage was a bit premature.  Greengrass was in talks to direct the remake of the 1966 film about a group of shrunken scientists who explored the human body, and is in fact the only director to have seen Shane Salerno’s script, but a deal was never finalized.  Even though there were questions about how Greengrass’s shaky-cam style would suit the sci-fi tentpole, it was an interesting combination of auteur and concept, so it’s too bad things didn’t work out.  It coulda been one of the good ones (whatever that means).

It appears Greengrass may have left the high profile project for greener pastures, though, as he is in talks to direct an upcoming adaptation of Treasure Island from Sherlock Holmes producer Lionel Wigram.  Details after the jump:

Treasure Island book (3)When news came that Warner Bros. enjoyed the money they made off of Sherlock Holmes enough to greenlight a similarly modern take on the Robert Louis Stevenson novel Treasure Island, it was reported that Greengrass was an early contender for the directing gig before Cameron snatched him up for Fantastic Voyage.  The newfound room in his schedule not only frees up Greengrass for the pirate flick, but Deadline reports that it was in fact Island that lured him away from the Fox production in the first place.  I imagine that the tropical location of Treasure Island is probably more appealing then the sure-to-be green-screen set of Voyage.  After the relative box office letdown that was Green Zone, I’m a bit surprised that multiple studios are offering Greengrass these mega-budgets to work with:  I suppose the man that helped bring acclaim and millions of dollars to the Bourne franchise has earned that kind of credibility.  But hey, it gets me interested in the adaptation if Greengrass signs on, so I like the cut of your jib, Warner Bros.

Who might the forsaken Fox find to fill the director’s chair that Greengrass so teasingly warmed up?  No word yet, but I’m sure that not too many months will pass without an announcement.  You’ll know as soon as we do.


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