FARGO Season 2: New Trailer, Teasers Confirm That (Another) Winter is Coming

     July 21, 2015


Fargo Season 1 was one of the great, comforting surprises of the 2014 television series, as the series elegantly balanced a similar plot and visual likeness to Joel and Ethan Coen‘s middle-America masterpiece with its own unique narrative trajectory and character development. It’s a far more sweeter story, at the end of the day, than what the Coen brothers crafted, and there was a clear sense of ambition in its sprawling tale of a dopey insurance agent, a good cop, and Billy Bob Thornton‘s evil mastermind. And the rumors and first glimpses we’ve got of Fargo Season 2 confirm that the new season may prove just as remarkable, casting Patrick Wilson as the younger version of Keith Carradine‘s Lou Solverson from Season 1 and, most anticipated, Bruce Campbell as Ronald Reagan.


In anticipation of Season 2, FX has released a new trailer, two new pictures, and a handful of teasers to give us a fuller sense of the story in Season 2, which will debut this October. The central crime of the season, which takes place in Luverne, Minnesota circa 1979, would seemingly be a shooting at a Waffle Hut, one of the  victims  of which is a judge. The slayings brings Wilson’s Solverson and his mentor, Sheriff Larsson (Ted Danson), into contact with a series of twisted criminals, including Bokeem Woodbine‘s fro-haired gangster and Jean Smart‘s mother-kingpin, who recalls the mother from The Grissom Gang. Filling the Martin Freeman quotient, seemingly, is the Blomquists (Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst), a married couple looking to buy a butcher shop and who are getting involved in Lifespring, a very real 1970s New-Age hoax, right as they unwillingly become involved in the Waffle Hut shootings. The scenes gleaned from the trailer look engagingly morbid and antic, and there seems to be a similarly nuanced, attentive sense of visual style that heightened the dark crime-melodrama of Season 1. Sadly, there’s no sign of Campbell, but just being able to hear Nick Offerman‘s cynical town lawyer talk about Watergate is enough to get this reviewer amped for the new season’s October bow.

Here’s the full trailer for Fargo Season 2:

Here are the teasers: