‘Fargo’ Is Changing Time Periods Again for Season 3

     December 4, 2015


Fargo Season 2 has done exactly what a great second season of any modern television program should do, which is to expand the ambitions of an already liberated narrative while also sharpening and carefully rethinking what worked in the strangely hopeful, hilarious first season. The proof of this success is in the simple fact that people who didn’t gel with Season 1 of Noah Hawley‘s riotous adaptation of the Coen brothers’ classic neo-noir have now come to coalesce with the comedic rhythms and pulpy storylines of the second season, which is approaching the end of its excellent run in the coming weeks.


Image via FX

As such, anticipation for the already ordered third season of FX’s crime series has been building into a caterwaul, and Hawley has given us just a bit of information about Season 3, via a quick discussion with EW about the setting of the third season. According to the show’s creator, the next season will take place a few years after the happenings of Season 1, which took place in 2006; that would set the new season somewhere around 2009 or 2010. Hawley was careful to not let too much more out about the next season, especially since he hasn’t even concluded Season 2 as of yet, but when asked about seeing the return of any of Season 1’s beloved characters, most importantly the father-daughter characters played by Alison Tolman and Keith Carradine, he simply says “potentially.”

When asked about possible connections to the current season of Fargo in Season 3, here’s what Hawley had to say:

“There are going to be connections, the way the first year was connected to the movie and the second year was connected to the first, but I think part of the fun is figuring that stuff out and I wouldn’t want to take that away from anybody…There will be definitely things that connect to something in our story.”

So, be on the lookout for plots that have the timbre of foreshadowing as we enter into the final stretch of episodes in Fargo Season 2, as some of this stuff might come back to inform more weighty matters. My guess: the scions of the Gerhardt clan may come back to visit revenge on those who have been giving them the business this season. We’ll have to wait and find out.


Image via FX


Image via FX