‘Fargo’ Season 4 Likely Won’t Premiere Until After 2019

     March 28, 2018


Though Fargo hasn’t been officially picked up for Season 4 yet, creator Noah Hawley and FX CEO John Landgraf have been discussing it as if it’s a done deal. Still, that doesn’t mean that we’ll be seeing Fargo any time soon. As we reported back in January, Hawley was considering a possible 2019 premiere for the return of the series, for which he recently received some new inspiration (more on that below). But now, according to The Wrap, is seems that Hawley is less certain that the show will be back next year.

“I think realistically we will certainly be filming it next year,” Hawley said, but that doesn’t mean it will air then. “Mostly just because it’s a winter show. You know, I have to write [the episodes], then we have to prep it, then we have to film it, which means it’s either this coming winter or next winter […] Given my schedule with making a movie and posting a movie this summer, and then gearing up to do more ‘Legion’ assuming we get a pickup,” he said. “It seems like a long shot that I can launch ‘Fargo’ 4 this winter.”


Image via FX

Back in January, FX hoped to have Fargo on its 2019 roster, but Hawley has been busy with so many other projects, including Legion (also on FX), two films (Pale Blue Dot and Doctor Doom) as well as a miniseries (Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle). Hawley also recently revealed that the upcoming fourth season will take place in the past, and before Season 2’s storyline in 1979. He added,

“I feel like the only reason to keep telling the story is if I feel I have something more to say about the American experience, really. Through the credence of a crime show, you know, we’re able to look at things that are very specific to this country,” he continued. “I certainly explored for the last couple of years the idea of greed and the things that people will do for money, which I feel like is a big part of the movie. But I feel like I’ve said what I have to say about that.”

Again, Hawley does confident that Fargo could start production next year, but we’ll see (also that doesn’t necessarily hav any bearing on a specific premiere date). The show would follow other series with long hiatuses between seasons, including Westworld, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, and Atlanta. Whether or not it still pulls viewers in after all of that time also remains to be seen.