Watch: ‘Fast & Furious 8’ Set Visit Tours the “Automotive Valhalla”

     June 13, 2016


It may not be time for another edition of “Fast Friday,” but Universal is offering fans another look behind-the-scenes of Fast & Furious 8 direct from the set. This one puts a spotlight on the film’s vehicle coordinator Dennis McCarthy, who’s giving us some Mad Max: Fury Road terminology with what he calls “the Automotive Valhalla.”

In the high-octane George Miller film, Valhalla was a spin on the afterlife of heroes from Norse mythology. For Fast 8, “it’s basically what I feel is probably the coolest cars we ever put together for one scene, and it’s without a doubt the most expensive collection of vehicles we ever put in one place,” as McCarthy described.

The video is mostly a tour of the garage for the various cars, instead of action footage of filming. But fans do get to see a pop-in from Michelle Rodriguez, who’s reprising her role of Letty. In short, it’s car porn. Watch it below.


As teased by the cast and crew, we know that Cipher will proved to be quite a different challenge for Dom and co., while Hobbs is going through quite a Sons of Anarchy-esque transformation. Universal set up shop in Cuba earlier this year, making it one of the first films to do so since President Barack Obama lifted restrictions, and it’s since moved to Iceland and the less exotic Cleveland.

Fast & Furious 8 is revving towards theaters on April 14, 2017.


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Image via Universal


Image via Universal

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