‘Fast and Furious 8’: New Set Image & Video Showcase Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs Getting to Work

     July 20, 2016


Much of the time that remains from this day to April 14th, 2017 will involve me waiting to see what Dwayne Johnson‘s Hobbs will do in the eighth iteration of Fast & Furious, which is being called both Fast 8 and Fast and Furious 8, much to my frustration. Though I can’t say I enjoy Vin Diesel much beyond his vocal work in Guardians of the Galaxy and The Iron Giant – and, okay, Pitch Black remains pretty bad ass –  Johnson and his ass-kicking character have been a consistent high point in these movies since he entered the universe of the franchise.


Image via Universal Pictures

So, it’s been a happy surprise that much of the behind-the-scenes glimpses we’ve received thus far from Fast and Furious 8 have been centered on Johnson, including the recent shot of him in bonafide Orange is the New Black garb. The most recent image and video from the set, which you can take a look at below via Instagram, is no different, with Hobbs standing in front of what looks like a whole mess of wreckage and hanging out with director F. Gary Gray to tease the prison scene to end all prison scenes in that very same orange jumpsuit. Being a pretty big fan of prison films in general, I’m excited to see what Johnson and Gary are up to in that prison, but I’m relatively certain it will involve a few explosions and a lot of bruising and broken bones. Such is the world of Fast & Furious.

Here’s the Hobbs image from Johnson’s Instagram:

Here’s the video with Johnson and Gray on set:


Image via Universal Pictures


Image via Universal Pictures

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