‘Fast and Furious’ Feud Continues as Tyrese Lays Down an Ultimatum

     November 1, 2017


In this week’s installment of “Adventures in Babysitting”, we turn once again to the ongoing Fast and Furious feud between franchise stars Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne Johnson. This feud has been pretty one-sided lately with Gibson making most of the noise while Johnson busies himself with other work. Today’s developments are no different.

Taking to Instagram to vent his latest batch of frustrations against Johnson, Gibson also appeared to lay down an ultimatum: Either Johnson’s Hobbs will be in Fast 9, or Gibson’s Roman Pearce will be, but not both. Personally, that choice would be easy for me to make, but ultimately it’ll be up to Universal to squash this beef one way or another. Could it all be theatrics to keep the dysfunctional family flames hot while the studio is determining the future of the franchise and spin-off films? Maybe, but one thing is demonstrably clear: It’s not professional.

Here’s the latest Tyrese tirade:

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Image via Universal

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