Vin Diesel Says This ‘Fast & Furious’ Scene Is the “Best Moment in Cinematic History”

     March 14, 2020


Well here’s a delightful thing: Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel has gone on record saying the ending of Furious 7 is (arguably) the best moment of his career and maybe the best moment ever put on film. Now, this might sounds like a big claim, but wait until you hear Diesel’s reasoning.

Diesel shared his big Furious 7 feelings in a recent interview with UK outlet NME while promoting his new movie, Bloodshot. The Fast & Furious star got super deep as he shared his reasoning for why the Furious 7 ending, which serves as a send-off to the late Paul Walker following his untimely passing in 2013, is so damn good.

“I didn’t want anyone to use the tragedy as a story plot,” Diesel told NME. “It was so important to me…It was a very, very tough moment. But there was some solace in the fact that we were able to protect from the natural whim of a producer or anyone to say, ‘Well now you’re going to go avenge the character,’ and use it as a plot and we were able to do something so beautiful and so classy.”

He went on to say, “It might be the best moment in cinematic history. Not just in my career but in cinematic history. Men around the world—everyone was able to cry—but men around the planet for the first time in history were able to cry together.”

Even if Diesel was joking about the ending of Furious 7 being the best moment in cinematic history, it’s hard to disagree that it’s a damn fine scene. I can still recall watching the ending in a packed theater and hearing more than a few sniffles as we all watched Dominic and Brian take one last ride together, watching as their cars ending up taking separate roads. That’s cinematic poetry, baby! So, maybe Diesel is on to something with this whole “the ending of Furious 7 is the best moment of all time” business. You certainly won’t catch me arguing with him.

Just in case you forgot what happens at the end of Furious 7, watch it below. It’s going to be a while until Fast 9 hits theaters, so why not check out our breakdown of the trailer in the meantime?

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