‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Cast Talks Possible Crossover and Hypothetical Deaths in Season 3

     July 22, 2017


AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead unveiled the trailer for its second half of Season 3, moments before the cast sat down for a press conference at Comic-Con. The intense, action-packed footage gave an early look at the turbulent alliance between Walker’s Nation and the Otto Ranch occupants. The shift in power and this new pact is sure to bring about tension between the survivors and our group of anti-heroes. Amongst the chaos, the trailer also gave a glimpse of Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) once again crossing paths with Madison (Kim Dickens). Hopefully this means that long-awaited reunion between Daniel and his daughter, Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) is soon to follow. It goes without saying that we are in for a hell of a ride and endless heart stopping—and heartwarming—moments when the series returns in the fall.

During our press conference, showrunner Dave Erickson along with Fear the Walking Dead’s spectacular cast: Kim Dickens, Colman Domingo, Mercedes Mason, Michael Greyeyes, Sam Underwood, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Frank Dillane, Daniel Sharman, and Dayton Callie, shared with us their thoughts on character development, the aftermath of Jeremiah’s death, and even had some fun imagining their ideal crossover team-ups.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • fear-the-walking-dead-comic-con-posterThere is lots of chatter going around about a possible crossover between Fear the Walking Dead and its parent show, The Walking Dead. Who doesn’t want to see Madison and Rick come face to face? Or Nick getting crossbow lessons from Daryl? A girl can dream, right? Well, it sounds like it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibilities. At least that’s what we gathered from Robert Kirkman, who stated during the spinoff’s panel that he would love to do a crossover episode. Taking this into account, who would the cast of Fear choose to team up with if they had a say? Mason believes that Ofelia would be drawn to Rick, who she considers the strongest in the group. Greyeyes thinks Walker and Daryl would work well together, and Domingo joked that Daniel would first of all, take out Negan. Dickens for her part, continued to fuel those fan theories by teasing that she believes Madison is related to Daryl.
  • This might come as a surprise to some but we learned that a few members of the cast don’t watch The Walking Dead. When posed with the same question related to the crossover, Sharman, Underwood, and Dillane admitted that they had no idea. “I don’t watch the show. I don’t know,” Dillane said. Followed by Sharman who said he’s only watched the first season. He ultimately settled on Merle and Daryl for his hypothetical team-up. Underwood’s reason for not watching was a bit unexpected, “I’m completely frightened by it and I’m awful about it.” Debnam-Carey on the other hand, said she would choose Maggie, “That would be a good gal pal.” And finally, leave it up to Callie to end the round of responses by earning the biggest laughs, “What do you think? Negan?” He asked his cast members.
  • While we’re on the subject of hypotheticals, what would the cast choose for their character’s death? Debnam-Carey said she’d want Alicia to get shot in the head by Madison. She’s convinced that being a walker is not for her based on personal preference because, “It’s just too much work to put on all that makeup.” Underwood likes the idea of Jake dying in a poetic way, like purposely drowning in the same lake where he took Alicia in a previous episode.
  • The survivors all started out in a different place when the series began. But how is this new home they’ve found different than the previous one? Erickson explains that “Thematically, the show this season is about the resources available to the survivors and the appropriation of those resources” in order for civilization to survive. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with a specific location or where the characters are at any particular moment in the series.
  • fear-the-walking-dead-cliff-curtis

    Image via AMC

    Jeremiah’s death will not go unquestioned by Troy. “There’s an investigation there, he knows his father so well, he knows something isn’t right.” Sharman said. Troy will try to figure out what really happened and we’ll find out what he does with that knowledge when he discovers the truth.

  • Character evolution and growth is always a rewarding thing to witness as viewers. And it’s even more exciting for actors to be able to bring about those complexities on screen. Dickens at this point, considers Madison to be a merciless character. At the beginning, “She was really beholden to her morality and her compassion and she realizes the currency [now] is more brutality. Her main goal throughout has been to survive and protect her family and now it’s at a higher cost.” As for the loss of Travis and how that would’ve shaped her evolution differently, Dickens said their relationship was already struggling and even though their love bond was strong, they were both becoming different people and drifting apart. As an actress, she strives to keep that loss alive through all the scenes.
  • Don’t expect the characters to stay put in one place for too long. “I think that’s just the nature of humanity,” Domingo said, “We’re always hopeful to finding a place where we can build on and thrive.” But in the world of the infected, a safe haven doesn’t seem to be a lasting thing. “I think it’s more exciting for fans too,” Mason added. The characters moving from one place to another allows viewers to see and explore more of the world.
  • Strand has had some drawbacks this season, trying to figure out where he belongs and what is his purpose. “It’s been an exciting turn but I think he’s more on the way out,” Domingo said of his character’s rut, alluding to the fact that he’s finally figuring out how to use his con-man skills to survive. Dickens teased that the way in which Strand and Madison reunite is “creative and surprising.”
  • fear-the-walking-dead-season-2-alycia-debnam-carey

    Image via AMC

    Ofelia has gone through a tremendous change from the soft-spoken girl we saw in Season 1. “The beauty of this is how much more like her father she’s becoming and I love the concept of them becoming closer,” Mason said. However, since we’ve yet to get to that point in the storyline she posed some questions, “How are they going to fare? How are they going to recognize each other when they finally meet?” Well, judging by Mason’s hopefulness, perhaps the Salazars are on their way to becoming a kickass father-daughter duo!

  • Greyeyes likes the way the Nation is depicted as a community that is “vibrant, unafraid, and unbroken.” This allows him to raise the level of violence and brutality his character exhibits as part of being a true leader in this new world order. Greyeyes sees it as a reemergence of humans which lends itself for redefining leader roles. “The show’s given us a power that’s not seen often in television.” He expressed his appreciation for the way it’s constantly pushing boundaries.
  • As for the family dynamic between the Clarks, expect some division as a result of Jeremiah’s death. Debnam-Carey teased that they all have different views of what’s right and wrong. “That starts to divide them and what’s great for Alicia is that we get to see her stake out her own path. I’m really looking forward to my character’s journey.” Does this mean Alicia might follow in Luciana’s footsteps and leave the ranch without her family? Your guess is as good as mine!

Fear the Walking Dead returns September 10th on AMC.