‘Fierce Queens’ Review: Quibi’s Nature Docu-Series Is a Better Watch Than ‘Tiger King’

     April 6, 2020


Newly launched streaming service Quibi and perennial documentary powerhouse BBC Natural History Unit have teamed up to deliver Fierce Queens, a new nature docu-series centered on the badass leading ladies of the animal kingdom. Fierce Queen herself Reese Witherspoon appears in and narrates these “quick bites” exploring incredible stories of matriarchs, sisterhood, and female-first social order. At only about eight minutes long an episode, you’ll be entertained, occasionally awed, and even educated along the way thanks to the incredible stories of Mother Nature on display.

Three episodes are already available to stream on this launch day. Each of them offer up something quite different: Watch a pair of sister cheetahs learn how to hunt after their mom abandons them, see how some clever female primates trick the local males into caring for their offspring, and witness the ultimate power of an ant queen reining over a super-colony. For the animal lovers out there, this is an awesome, bite-sized reminder of how incredible nature can be, especially when we step outside of our very human-focused view of the world to see the extraterrestrial aliens that run, walk, and crawl among us.

Fierce Queens is definitely worth a watch; you also have 90 days’ worth of free trial time to check that out for yourself. (A note that some of the content is graphic and Quibi’s shows don’t seem to have a clear ratings disclaimer in place yet; expect that to change soon.) Witherspoon is a wonderful addition to the show as a host, even when she’s delivering some rather silly copy from the writers, but make no mistake: Nature’s queens are the real stars here.

Rating: ★★★★ Very good


Image via Quibi

Here’s the official synopsis for Fierce Queens:

In this nature series, presented and narrated by Reese Witherspoon, we explore the remarkable females of the animal kingdom. From ants to cheetahs, these ladies call the shots in their world and sit at the top of the social hierarchy earning them the title “fierce queens”. New episodes every weekday.

And here are the launch-day episodes and what you’ll find in each:

  • Growing Up Cheetah – Reese takes us on a journey with two teenage cheetah sisters, coming of age in the wild and learning how to work together to survive.
  • Faking It – Reese explains the world of female Macaques who use sexually enticing ways to ensure their baby monkeys will grow up with strong male protectors.
  • Desert Empire – Enter the fascinating, and sometimes brutal world of honey ants, struggling not just for survival, but power – all in service of their fearless leader, the queen.