FINAL DESTINATION 5 Set Visit Video Blog

     July 12, 2011


The set visit video blogs I post are usually professional.  We usually stay on topic. We usually just talk about what we did on set, the highlights from who we interviewed, and what we thought.  But when I recorded a video blog with Devin from Badass Digest after getting back from the set of Final Destination 5 in Vancouver last December…let’s just say that it was a lot looser than what I usually post.  Of course it might have been because we’d been drinking.  It could have been because Dolph Lundgren was sitting at a table near us as it started.  Or it could have been because it’s a video blog about Final Destination and everyone knows it’s all about the new and innovative ways to kill people.

However, while I might have scared some of you off, during our loose and rambling conversation, we still talked about what we did on set, what we learned, who we interviewed, and what you should be looking forward to.  In addition, we even had one of the cast members (PJ Byrne) join us towards the end, as he was on his way to the bar and we convinced him to jump in.  Watch the antics after the jump.

Before watching our video blog, I suggest checking out the latest trailer which explains what the movie is about.  Spoiler alert: it’s the same as the first four movies!  But you already knew that.

Here’s the video blog.  I’ve listed what we talked about in order.  I’ve also put in two time indexes so you can watch the parts that interest you.  Final Destination 5 opens August 12.  As you’ll hear me say on the video, I’m a big fan of the franchise, and the 5th one looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

final_destination_5_movie_image_01FD5 Time Index

  • Dolph Lundgren talk…
  • How on the set the actors were guarded but if you’ve seen the trailers you know everything
  • What is Final Destination about
  • Are we fans of the series and we talk about the second film
  • What did we learn on set. How the actors are really playing their age and how this is Final Destination meets The Office
  • Steve Quale talk. Who is he and his history with 3D. Also how they’re using the new Pace camera system, how it looks more like 35mm and how he got the job
  • How they pre-vized the entire film and how they helped the film
  • 8:00 – How he watched a huge gimbal set up (the bridge sequence) and what it looked like and how it worked. Devin tells the gimbal story about how the first Final Destination is tied into the 5th one
  • How they have comedians playing serious roles. Also we talk about the rest of the cast.
  • We give a shout out to Anne at WB
  • How they have comedians playing serious roles. Also we talk about the rest of the cast.
  • What we love about the franchise
  • 14:20 – We get a guest star from the film….some dirty talk with PJ Byrne
  • For Byrne …what has filming been like
  • Devin tries to find out what happens at the end of the movie
  • The Sutton House bar…

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