Every Death in the Final Destination Series, Ranked

     March 17, 2020


The Final Destination series might be one of the most unique horror franchises around, because they’re essentially slasher films without a slasher. Death itself stalks the characters in these films, subjecting them to convoluted accidents that frequently play out like comedy routines, right up until the graphic finish. Seriously, people get beefed so hard in these films they disappear from photographs.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the first film, I’ve ranked every single death in the Final Destination series. That’s right – every circuitous, Rube Goldberg-ian fatality in the franchise’s bloody history has been ordered from worst to greatest by yours truly, a man of undeniable taste and supreme vision. The main thing I noticed while rewatching all 5 films to collate this list was how much Death loves folk rock. It’s always tipping its hand by playing Kansas and John Denver. Just once I’d like it to kick off a vision by blasting Drowning Pool. Just let the bodies hit the floor one time, Death, you coward.

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