New ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Trailer Shows the Game Fans Have Been Waiting For

     January 31, 2020


Square-Enix has released a new, extended trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake. Although the marketing is hiding that this is really just the first episode in the Remake series (hence why you’re not seeing anything past Midgar in these trailers), what they’re showing off still looks incredible. Final Fantasy VII is one of my all-time favorite video games and seeing scenes from that game realized in today’s graphics is a thrill.

For example, this trailer shows what’s going to happen when Cloud has to cross-dress in order to sneak his way into a bordello run by a creepy dude. In the original, everyone is blocky and cartoonish, so you kind of have to use your imagination. Here, you get to see Cloud legit dressed up like a girl and having to go through with the plan. It changes the complexion of the game, and it should feel like a new experience even for die-hard fans like myself.

The big question surrounding Final Fantasy VII Remake is if it will be able to lure newcomers. The gaming landscape is drastically different than it was 23 years ago when Final Fantasy VII came out. Are people interested in a single-player JRPG? I hope so, because I’d hate for the first episode of Remake to be the last. I’ve been waiting over ten years for this game, and now that it’s finally here, I’m ridiculously excited.

Check out the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer below. The game arrives on April 10th on PlayStation 4. For those who have absolutely no familiarity with Final Fantasy VII, the plot revolves around a mercenary who teams up with a group of eco-terrorists to save the world. It gets weirder from there.

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