‘Final Space’ Season 2 Trailer Sees the Return of Olan Rogers’ Epic Animated Sci-Fi Series

     May 29, 2019

Adult Swim has released two trailers for Final Space season 2, the follow-up to creator Olan Rogers‘ animated intergalactic odyssey. This season marks the series’ jump from TBS to Adult Swim, where it’ll occupy the 11:30 PM slot starting June 24.

The first season was sneakily one of the best, most inventive new animated series of 2018. Although I’m no expert on animation I found it to be consistently gorgeous in its art, packed with the sort of endlessly colorful background details that make shows like Bojack Horseman such a joy to just look at. Collider’s actual animation guru, Dave Trumbore, noted in his season 1 review that Final Space is low-key more of a high-stakes drama than it is a comedy, despite Rogers’ background in internet absurdity.

TBS, the network of “very funny” programming, has a brand-new animated series to share with you tonight in Final Space. But it’s not really a comedy at all. Despite the occasional one-liner or sight gag that elicits honest laughter, Olan Rogers‘ creation is a darkly comic tale that is at its best when delivering space-based peril, harrowing displays of evil, and impossible decisions on the part of the heroes. A comedy it is not, but a visceral, engaging, and surprisingly high-stakes animated adventure-drama, it definitely is.

Season 2 looks to be more of the same, balancing an all-out war for the universe with lines like “Get off my cheeks, Gary.” Check out the trailers below. Final Space season 2 debuts on Adult Swim Monday, June 24, at 11:30 PM ET.

And if you’re still a bit unsure about how you can catch Final Space, Rogers posted a helpful guide via the show’s Twitter account: