‘Finding Dory’ Easter Eggs: Here’s How a Fan Theory Led to Two ‘Die Hard’ References

     June 18, 2016


The folks at Pixar are known for putting Easter Eggs into their movies. Each Pixar film takes so long to create—roughly four years—that it makes sense the animators and creative team would have plenty of time to think of ways to reference other Pixar movies and inside jokes within the context of their films. However, these Easter Eggs led to a pretty out-there fan theory gaining traction on the web that proposed that every Pixar movie exists in the same universe. Essentially, this theory states that all of the Pixar films can be connected so that Woody, Sully, and even Wall-E exist in the same world.

The filmmakers themselves have come right out and denied this one, but the outlandish theory then led to another fan theory, albeit of the comedic sort. In poking fun at the “it’s all connected” trope, the folks at Mashable put together a video last year in which they proposed that every Pixar movie not only takes place in the same universe, but also exists within the Die Hard universe.


Image via 20th Century Fox

Funny, right? Well the filmmakers behind Finding Dory thought so too, and when Collider’s own Steve Weintraub asked Dory director Andrew Stanton and producer Lindsey Collins about Easter Eggs in the film, they admitted they saw the Die Hard video and took it to heart:

“There’s a lot of theories online that all of the universes are connected, so somebody made a spoof of how we put Die Hard in all of our movies, and it was very funny, we thought it was tongue in cheek. So we said, ‘Alright, let’s do it,’ so we made two Die Hard references in this movie.”

So yeah, when you catch Finding Dory in theaters after it opens on June 17th, keep a look out for a pair of Die Hard references within the context of the film. Who knows, perhaps this joke theory may have actually spawned a brand new recurring Pixar Easter Egg? Your move, Cars 3.

Look for more from Steve’s interviews with the Finding Dory cast and filmmakers on Collider soon.


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