Trailer for FINDING NEMO 3D

     January 11, 2012


This year and in 2013, Disney is re-releasing four of their movies in 3D.  The first out the gate is Beauty and the Beast (it looks great and I’ll have my full review up tomorrow night), and next up is Finding Nemo.  Disney has put a 2D trailer online for Pixar’s film but you’ll likely see the 3D version if you check out Beauty and the Beast.  I saw this version of the trailer and it looks fine.  Pixar’s 3D work always looks good and doesn’t induce headaches.  But as I said when the re-releases were announced, I’m more interested in seeing them back on the big screen than seeing them in 3D.

Hit the jump for what’s really just an announcement trailer.  Finding Nemo 3D opens September 14th.

Click over to Yahoo! Movies to see the trailer in HD.



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