‘The Turning’ Stars Finn Wolfhard & Brooklynn Prince Reveal What Scares Them the Most

     January 22, 2020

There’s a scene midway through The Turning where Brooklynn Prince goes through a cycle of emotions: from joy to fear to total despair. The performance would be amazing just on its own but then add in the fact that Prince’s only nine-years-old. Child acting can often feel forced and unnatural, but to Prince’s credit – she always feels present and real (as anyone who’s seen The Florida Project knows well). It helps that most of her scenes are opposite Finn Wolfhard, who has grown up on Stranger Things and become a seasoned actor in his own right. The two have an easy-going and natural chemistry together, Wolfhard’s rebellious angst contrasting nicely against Prince’s wide-eyed geniality.


Image via Universal Pictures

In The Turning, the two costar as Miles and Flora, two recently orphaned children put under the care of a new governess (Mackenzie Davis) at their vast estate. Of course, nothing is as it seems – as the governess discovers her predecessor disappeared under mysterious circumstances and the house (and by proxy, children) may be haunted.

In the following interview with Finn Wolfhard and Brooklynn Prince, they reveal their favorite horror films, what scares them the most, and how they prepare for big emotional scenes. In addition, Wolfhard discusses when he’ll be shooting Stranger Things 4. For the full interview, watch above.

Finn Wolfhard & Brooklynn Prince:

  • What are Wolfhard and Prince’s favorite horror films?
  • What scares them the most?
  • What do they do in preparation for their big emotional scenes?
  • Has anyone told Wolfhard when shooting begins on Stranger Things 4?


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