Jay Roach to Direct ‘Fire and Fury’ TV Series

     March 28, 2018


When it was first announced that a TV series adaptation of Michael Wolff’s best-selling book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House was happening, most assumed Jay Roach would be the one to direct it. Well, now it’s official. THR reports that the Game Change and Recount filmmaker has signed on to direct the Fire and Fury TV series, continuing his career of helming fictional adaptations of recent real-life politics.

Indeed, while Roach first came to prominence as a comedy director helming films like Austin Powers and Meet the Parents, he made a sharp left turn with 2008’s HBO movie Recount, which chronicled the recount and subsequent Supreme Court battle in the wake of the 2004 Presidential Election. He followed that up with 2012’s HBO movie Game Change, which revolved around John McCain’s failed presidential campaign and, more specifically, how choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate impacted its trajectory.

Roach hasn’t completely shied away from theatrical features, helming the 2015 biopic Trumbo, but he was recently set to return to HBO to direct a miniseries about the 2016 presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. That project was scrapped when author Mark Halperin, off of whose book the show was based, was accused of sexual harassment of five women. His book was dropped by Penguin Press and HBO scrapped the miniseries altogether.

But apparently Roach will get to bring Trump to the screen after all with Fire and Fury, based on Wolff’s explosive reporting from inside the White House during the first year of Trump’s presidency. The show is not yet attached to a network and it’s unclear how many episodes it will span, but curiosity will certainly be piqued and it’ll be interesting to see who Roach gets to play Trump. Alec Baldwin’s over-the-top impression wouldn’t really fly for the length of an entire series, but perhaps a more nuanced take by someone like Darrell Hammond is the way to go.

Whatever the case this one’s a hot item.