‘Fire Force’ Burns onto the Scene as the Year’s Must-Watch Anime Series

     January 31, 2020


Fire Force roared onto the scene as one of the year’s most unique and stylish anime series. It’s rare that something new and refreshing comes along in the anime series broadly meant for general audiences, but even this story’s source material is relatively recent. “En’en no Shōbōtai”, literally “Blazing Firefighting Corps”, hails from writer / illustrator Atsushi Ōkubo, began its life as a manga published by Kodansha since September 2015. The David Production anime adaptation is a stylish recreation of the manga, one that’s clearly sparked with audiences around the world as a second season is on tap for a July 2020 release.

But if you missed out on Fire Force the first time around, no worries; you can pick up the first season on Blu-ray now courtesy of FUNimation. It’ll introduce you to the wildest firefighting team you’ve ever seen, but there’s also quite a lot of complex character development beneath the surface. And these complexities are just beginning to unfold…

Fire Force: Season 1, Part 1


Image via FUNimation

A crisis plagues the world: Spontaneous Human Combustion. The only ones trained to stop these blazing mortal infernos are the brave members of the Fire Force. Shinra is determined to become the greatest hero, but his past leads him to a different destiny.

Special Features:

  • Anime Expo 2019 Q&A with Atsushi Ohkubo
  • Speed Drawing Video by Atsushi Ohkubo
  • Inside the Episodes

For the uninitiated, FUNimation is a U.S. company known for their dubs and domestic distribution of Japanese anime. So all of the reviews you’re about to check out are for the dub version of each anime, though some Blu-rays/DVDs have a Japanese audio option as there are some exceptions to the rule. Below, you’ll find the official synopsis for each movie and series, along with a link to pick up your own copy at FUNimation’s online store, should you want to. Sometimes, it’ll be an easy thing to suggest you buy it, other times, it’ll be just as easy to go in the other direction.